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Huawei launches its latest all-optical network solutions in Asia Pacific

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At a recent webinar hosting C-suite executives and IT professionals across various industries, Huawei announced the launch of its OptiX network solutions for enterprise campuses and data centers in Asia Pacific.

The solution consists mainly of two parts: Campus OptiX and DC OptiX. While the former enables enterprises to deploy campus network connections, the latter allows businesses to build their own “data center interconnect” (DCI) networks.

The launch is part of the Shenzhen-based company’s plan to help enterprises in the region cope with the opportunities and challenges brought by new technologies and applications, and pave the way for digital transformation.

As enterprise digital transformation efforts accelerate, “the traditional network architecture needs to be reshaped,” Jason He, vice president of Huawei’s enterprise business group, said during the event.

“[In] leveraging Huawei’s R&D innovation capabilities and leadership in the optical industry, we are confident that our star products, Campus OptiX and DC OptiX solutions, will help enterprises in the Asia-Pacific region sharpen their digital competitive edge through an all-optical network foundation,” he said.

Withstanding surges in online traffic
Due to the rapid development of emerging technologies and the growing adoption of smartphones, data centers are increasingly having to deal with massive amounts of online traffic. With Covid-19 forcing the working population of entire countries to work from home, data centers face an even greater challenge.

“We have seen a surge of over 50% in online traffic under the current climate. It’s critical for enterprises to strengthen their data center infrastructure to provide a consistent digital experience to their customers with reliable network connectivity,” Aaron Wang, managing director of Huawei’s enterprise business group in Singapore, said at a separate launch event.

It’s especially important for businesses that deal with sensitive data. If a data center goes down, its security can be compromised. Indeed, keeping data center infrastructure strong goes a long way in ensuring that the data these firms store remains secure.

At a panel during the webinar, Songchai Phochai, a senior system engineering manager at Thailand’s National Interbank Transaction Management and Exchange (ITMX), echoed this sentiment. As a financial service provider, it’s crucial for ITMX to guarantee the absolute safety and reliability of customer information.

“Security and reliability are on top of the agenda when building network infrastructure,” Phochai said. These concerns, he added, were the reasons ITMX chose to build its DCI network with the help of Huawei’s DC OptiX solutions, which leverage AI to predict gradual failures in a network.

As of the end of 2019, the company’s solutions have helped build campus networks in over 600 universities, properties, hotels, and resorts in over 40 countries. It also built DCI networks for more than 120 businesses, including Chinese internet giant Baidu.

source: https://www.techinasia.com/huawei-launches-latest-alloptical-network-solutions-asia-pacific

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

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