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Dell EMC NetWorker 

Bring together a full range of on-premises and Cloud data protection—including backup-to-disk, backup-in-Cloud, LTR to cloud, ProtectPoint backup, snapshot and replication management, and tape—under a common management interface.


EMC NetWorker (formerly Legato NetWorker) is an enterprise-level data protection software product that unifies and automates backup to tape, disk-based, and flash-based storage media across physical and virtual environments for granular and disaster recovery. Cross-platform support is provided for Linux, Windows, macOS, NetWare, OpenVMS and Unix environments. Deduplication of backup data is provided by integration with Dell EMC Data Domain (DD Boost) storage solutions.

A central NetWorker server manages a datazone that contains backup clients and NetWorker storage nodes that access the backup media. Platforms supported by the core NetWorker server are: AIX, HP-UX PA-RISC and Itanium, Linux (fully featured on x86, x86-64, Itanium, client only on PowerPC and IBM Z), macOS (client only), Solaris SPARC and x64, SGI IRIX (client only), Tru64 and Windows.

The Java based NetWorker Management Console (NMC) software, which is bundled with the NetWorker distribution, provides a user interface for functions such as client configuration, policy settings, schedules, monitoring, reports, and daily operations for deduplicated and non-deduplicated backups.

The core NetWorker software backs up client file systems and operating system environment. Add-on database and application modules provide backup services for products such as Oracle, DB2, SAP, Lotus, Informix, and Sybase, as well as Microsoft Exchange Server, SharePoint, and SQL Server. Client backup data can be sent to a remote NetWorker storage node or stored on a locally attached device by the use of a dedicated storage node. Additionally, NetWorker supports Client Direct backups allowing clients to back up directly to shared devices bypassing the storage node processes.

NetWorker Snapshot Management automates the generation of point-in-time data snapshots and cloning on supported storage arrays such as EMC VNX, XtremIO, and Symmetrix. The NDMP module can be used for client-less backups of NAS Filers like Isilon, EMC VNX or Netapp.

VMware virtual machines can be directly backed up either by installing the NetWorker client on the virtual machine or through the NetWorker VMware Protection solution that leverages vProxys to perform application consistent image and filesystem backups.

NetWorker also supports backup and recovery of Microsoft Windows Server and Hyper-V virtual servers by using the Volume Shadow Copy Services interface. This support protects the parent and child partitions (guests) as well as applications running within the virtual machines.


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