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Dell EMC VxRack SDDC 

Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) driven Innovation, Performance, and Agility to Easily Accelerate Transformation to a VMware Multi-cloud Environment.

Dell EMC VxRack SDDC
Dell EMC VxRack SDDC

Dell EMC VxRack SDDC is the ultimate infrastructure foundation for realizing a multi-cloud vision. VxRack SDDC creates IT certainty, improves service outcomes and reduces operational risk by leveraging known, trusted technologies and operational processes. Optimized for predictable performance, scalability, optimal user experience and cost savings, VxRack SDDC delivers the simplest path to hybrid cloud with an automated elastic cloud infrastructure at rack scale. VxRack SDDC is the easiest and fastest way to stand up a complete VMware based cloud environment. The industry’s most advanced integrated system for VMware Cloud Foundation, VxRack SDDC is a hyper-converged rack-scale system engineered with automation and serviceability extensions offering integrated end to end lifecycle management and 24x7 single vendor support.


Easily creates a foundation for a complete VMware private cloud
Fully integrated with VMware vSphere, vSAN, and NSX
Includes physical and virtual network infrastructure for multi-rack scaling and growth
Automated management and serviceability extensions integrated with VMware Cloud Foundation for single pane of glass management
Full lifecycle management and support for the entire engineered system
Engineered IN UNISON with the latest VMware Cloud Foundation
This turnkey, fully integrated hardware and software rack scale hyper-converged system is built on the industry leading Dell EMC PowerEdge server platform and is powered by VMware Cloud Foundation software. It is the most complete software defined data center solution available today, bundling the best of VMware’s industry-leading virtual computing software including SDDC Manager for lifecycle automation, vSAN™ for storage virtualization, NSX® for network virtualization, and vSphere® for server virtualization. When coupled with a cloud management platform (vRealize Suite), the end result is a complete hybrid cloud platform than can span private and public environments offering a consistent operational model based on well known vSphere tools and processes, and the freedom and confidence to run applications anywhere without complexity.
Better together with Dell EMC PowerEdge servers
VxRack SDDC is powered by the Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor family and integrated with Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers purpose built for HCI to enable flexibility for multiple use cases with both hybrid and all flash capacity. Configuration choices bring system flexibility to add dedicated graphics processing cards for virtual desktops, compute-heavy or storage-heavy options, or balanced configurations (in both all-flash and hybrid models) to match any workload requirement. With Dell EMC PowerEdge integration, VxRack SDDC delivers the entire hyper-converged stack, from software through servers, enabling organizations rapidly deployments on top of a rack-scale hyper-converged system while reducing risk.

Big Ideas; Big Technology; The Modern Data Center
Why VMware Cloud Foundation and Dell EMC VxRack SDDC

Today’s business climate is a race to disrupt or be disrupted. Whoever can out-innovate the competition is set to lead in the new digital era. Check out this video to see how IT must first transform itself in order to provide the services businesses need to succeed.  Learn how, together, Dell EMC and VMware technologies are providing an entire modern SDDC infrastructure enabling more time on things that can differentiate your business.


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