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Deep Learning Protection

Sophos UTM drives threat prevention to unmatched levels. The artificial intelligence built into Sophos Sandstorm is a deep learning neural network, an advanced form of machine learning, that detects both known and unknown malware without relying on signatures.

Sophos UTM 9.4 is one of the first Sophos products to offer our advanced next-gen cloud sandboxing technology.

Sandstorm provides a whole new level of ransomware and targeted attack protection, visibility, and analysis. It can quickly and accurately identify evasive threats before they enter your network. Sandstorm is:

Easy to try, deploy, and manage
Effective at blocking evasive threats
Simple and powerful cloud-based protection

And, it’s tremendous value: it’s enterprise-grade protection without the enterprise-grade price-tag or complexity.

We keep it simple
Sophos UTM's simple, intuitive user interface (UI) is designed for you. It lets you quickly protect your network and users. And it makes day-to-day management tasks easy.

Simple management
Sophos UTM is easy to use thanks to the configurable real-time dashboard, flexible modular licensing, and intuitive reusable network object definitions.

Lightning Speed
We've engineered Sophos UTM to deliver outstanding performance. We built our UTM using Intel multi-core technology, solid-state drives, and accelerated in-memory content scanning. Potent, powerful ... fast

All-in-One Protection
We offer the latest next-gen firewall protection you need, plus features you can't get anywhere else – including mobile, web, endpoint email encryption, and DLP. No extra hardware. No extra cost. Simply choose what you want to deploy.

Network Protection
All the protection you need to stop sophisticated attacks and advanced threats while providing secure network access to those you trust.

Wireless Protection
Set up, manage and secure wireless networks in just minutes with the UTM’s built-in wireless controller that works with our full range of wireless access points.

Web Protection
Comprehensive protection from the latest web threats and powerful policy tools ensures your users are secure and productive online.

Sandstorm Sandboxing
Sandstorm provides a whole new level of targeted attack protection, visibility and analysis. It can quickly and accurately identify evasive threats before they enter your network.

Email Protection
Full SMTP and POP message protection from spam, phishing and data loss with our unique all-in-one protection that combines policy-based email encryption with DLP and anti-spam.

Web Server Protection
Harden your web servers and Microsoft Enterprise Applications against hacking attempts while providing secure access to external users with reverse proxy authentication.

Logging & Reporting
Our built-in reporting means you'll know exactly what's happening with your users. Fix problems fast and shape your policies, keeping your users secure while boosting network performance. And, you get detailed reports as standard, stored locally with no separate tools required.

At-a-glance flow graphs show usage trends and web activity
Our daily summary executive report keeps you informed
Report anonymization can hide user names where needed
Built-in Syslog support and automated log backup options

Flexible Deployment
Sophos UTM is unmatched in its deployment flexibility: choose from hardware, software, virtual or cloud with simple options for high-availability, clustering, branch office connectivity, wireless, and centralized management and reporting. And unlike our competitors, we don't make you compromise on features or performance when you choose - every feature is available on every model and form-factor.

SG Series
Our SG Series hardware appliances are purpose-built devices with the latest technology to provide the ultimate in performance.

Software & Virtual
Install the UTM image on your own server hardware or your preferred virtual environment including VMware, Citrix, Microsoft Hyper-V and KVM.

Sophos UTM is an industry leader and a preferred solution for securing Amazon Web Services network infrastructure.



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