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Thin Client 


Network computer for use with server
Compact design
Requires monitor

Thin Client
Thin Client
Thin Client
Thin Client
Thin Client

ThinkCentre M625q Thin Client
The thin client that packs a big punch
The ThinkCentre M625q thin client is the perfect choice for progressive IT managers looking to deploy responsive, secure, space-saving desktops in any office environment. It’s great for industries like healthcare that need to rely on extra privacy and security, as it can store all data on your network rather than the individual device.



An IT admin's dream
With the ThinkCentre M625q thin client, you can create your own modular all-in-one PC. Simply use the device inside the back of the optional ThinkCentre Tiny-in-One (TIO). Keep costs down by choosing to upgrade components separately, and get more use from your assets over time.  What's more, the M625q is both virtualization and cloud-ready.

Tiny footprint, big statement
The M625q thin client is extremely compact at 96% smaller than a traditional desktop tower. Just 1 liter, this PC fits just about anywhere and can be positioned horizontally or vertically—mount it on a wall, behind a monitor, or even under a desk. It delivers reliable, professional-level performance, while freeing up valuable desk-space.

Tough as it is tiny
The M625q thin client is built to last in any environment. It carries the Think name, which means it’s tested against military-specification requirements, as well as 200 rigorous quality checks. From enduring arctic temperatures of -20 degrees Celsius, to desert heat of 60 degrees C, this device can more than handle anything from minor bumps to extreme temperatures and dusty conditions.


Your very own manager
As intuitive as it is intelligent, Lenovo Thin Client Manager software is specifically tailored for the M625q thin client. This responsive software lets users upgrade or assign new roles quickly and easily from one central location.

Your PCs, your choices
Customize the configuration of your M625q thin client to best suit your organization’s needs. Dual “punch-out” options offer a serial port, along with the choice between a USB-C port (supports display or data transfer), a VGA port, or an additional serial port. What’s more, the M625q includes two expansion slots, which can be used for additional storage or WiFi.

As efficient as it is secure
The M625q thin client functions like a full-fledged PC, but data and software live in the cloud instead of taking up device storage. So users access files, apps, and services through a remote network, delivering more freedom and flexibility—with less expense! Since data and software are stored in a centralized location, software requires less maintenance and data is more secure. Software patches, security updates, and OS migrations can be applied, tested and activated for all users at once, which speeds up deployment and improves efficiency. Sensitive information resides behind a firewall, and if hardware is ever lost or stolen, critical data remains uncompromised.

Laugh at would-be hackers
We know how important your information is. That’s why the ThinkCentre M625q thin client is optimized for encryption. Armed with Trusted Platform Module (TPM), which works in conjunction with Windows, the M625q encrypts all your data, as well as your passwords. Keep all your confidential and critical data safe without worry.

Green-light on savings
The ThinkCentre M625q thin client’s environmental certifications include Energy Star, EPEAT® Gold, and Greenguard®. It’s also UL-rated, which certifies safety and environmental claims. This means you’ll not only be helping to sustain the environment, you’ll also be helping your bottom line!


Quieter than a whisper
The fan-free design on the ThinkCentre M625q thin client means it produces no sound! It’s perfect for quiet offices that need to stay that way.

Processor AMD E2-9000e Processor ( 1.50GHz 1866MHz 1MB )
Operating System Windows 10 IoT Enterprise
Memory 4.0GB PC4-22400 DDR4 SODIMM SODIMM 2666MHz
AC Adapter 65W


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