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vRealize Suite 

VMware vRealize Suite – Multicloud Cloud Management Solution

VMware vRealize Suite is a multicloud cloud management solution providing IT organizations a modern platform for infrastructure automation, consistent operations, and governance based on DevOps and ML principles.


How does VMware vRealize Suite help manage your Multicloud?
Application Operations
Enables developers to quickly release, troubleshoot, and optimize performance of highly distributed microservice-based cloud applications in real time.
Self-Driving Operations
Helps IT continuously optimize capacity and performance based on operational and business intent.
Programmable Provisioning
Helps developers and IT easily access infrastructure and application resources on any cloud through API, catalog, or CLI with full lifecycle management.

What's Included in vRealize Suite:
vRealize Automation 
A modern infrastructure automation platform that transforms IT service delivery by automating IT processes, enabling self-service provisioning, delivery and lifecycle management of infrastructure and applications with security and governance.
vRealize Operations 
Powered by ML, self-driving operations capabilities to optimize, plan and scale multicloud and HCI deployments, as well as monitoring multicloud and modern Kubernetes infrastructure environments.
vRealize Log Insight 
Heterogeneous and highly scalable log management for deep operational visibility and faster troubleshooting across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.
vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 
Lifecycle and infrastructure management for the vRealize Suite, accelerating time to deploy and upgrade, enhancing the stability of the multicloud environment, and improving end user productivity.

Better Together: Product Integrations For Your Cloud 
VMware provides native integrations across the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) elements: compute, networking, storage, and management.

vRealize Suite provides a common approach for building and running an enterprise-grade multicloud. VMware-based multiclouds powered by vRealize Suite:

Provide high levels of agility, control, and efficiency across both traditional and cloud-native container-based applications.
Give IT the ability to provide choice to their application development teams. They support multiple sandbox models for requesting services and giving developers the freedom to use the tools of their choice.

VMware offers three vRealize Suite editions that provide different functionality at various price points, making it easy to license VMware vRealize Suite to meet your specific requirements and use cases with the right cloud management capabilities. vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager is available in all three editions.

Enterprise Edition: Supports Application Operations use cases for organizations looking to accelerate application delivery across both traditional and container-based applications. See the Enterprise Edition Product Walkthrough.

Advanced Edition: Supports Programmable Provisioning use cases for companies who need to accelerate the delivery of IT infrastructure services by automating delivery and ongoing management. See the Advanced Edition Product Walkthrough.

Standard Edition: Supports Self-driving Operations use cases for companies looking to improve application performance and availability via predictive analytics and smart alerts. See the Standard Edition Product Walkthrough.

Upgrades to vRealize Suite can be purchased for vRealize Operations, vRealize Automation, vRealize Log Insight, vRealize Business for Cloud Advanced, or from lower editions of vRealize Suite. Get more out of vRealize Suite with third-party integrations, adaptors and management packs. For a complete list, visit Solution Exchange.

vRealize Suite is also available in VMware vCloud Suite and VMware Cloud Foundation.


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