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vSphere 7
The NEW generation of vSphere for existing enterprise applications.
Available in two editions.

vSphere 7 with Kubernetes
The NEW generation of vSphere for containerized applications.
Also includes all of the capabilities of vSphere 7.
Available through VMware Cloud Foundation.


Benefits of vSphere 7
Simplified Lifecyle Management
Simplify vSphere software patching and firmware upgrades with the updated lifecycle manager and update planner. Automate lifecycle management using RESTful APIs and the industry standard JSON for added flexibility.
Intrinsic Security and Control
Protect your vSphere hosts and applications with a simple, comprehensive and policy-driven model. Perform remote attestation for sensitive workloads using vSphere Trust Authority. Secure your access and account management using vSphere identity federation.
Application Acceleration
Improve the performance and resiliency of applications using improvements in vMotion, DRS and persistent memory. Provision efficient pools of accelerated hardware for AI/ML applications with supported GPUs. Support latency-sensitive applications with precision time protocol.


Benefits of vSphere 7 with Kubernetes
Streamlined Development
Deliver fully compliant and conformant Kubernetes for your development teams with the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid service. Enable self-service access to infrastructure using Kubernetes APIs.
Agile Operations
Manage role base access and quota allocation for VMs and containers using the familiar vCenter interface. Manage policies for an entire group of VMs, containers and Kubernetes clusters in vCenter.
Accelerated Innovation
Remove barriers between developer and IT with a unified platform for managing both virtual machines and containers in a single infrastructure stack that is available wherever you run vSphere.


VMware Cloud Foundation Services 
What is VMware Cloud Foundation Services?
Powered by innovations in vSphere 7 with Kubernetes, VMware Cloud Foundation Services is a new, integrated Kubernetes and RESTful API surface that enables you to drive API access to all core services. VMware Cloud Foundation Services consists of two families of services—Tanzu Runtime Services and Hybrid Infrastructure Services.

Tanzu Runtime Services deliver core Kubernetes development services, including an up-to-date distribution of Tanzu Kubernetes Grid.
Hybrid Infrastructure Services include full Kubernetes and RESTful API access that spans creating and manipulating virtual machines, containers, storage, networking, and other core capabilities.


Use Cases
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) 
Take advantage of the latest innovations in GPU hardware to accelerate the performance of existing applications with AI and ML, using elastic pools of resources.
Database and Analytics Applications
Deploy a wide range of data and memory intensive applications with real-time analytics, using enhancements in DRS, vMotion and persistent memory (PMEM) support.
Time Critical Applications 
Deliver predictable quality of service for time critical applications like financial trading, process manufacturing, and high-performance computing.
Business-Critical Applications 
Balance workloads and prioritize resources to ensure top performance for mission-critical applications, such as Oracle, SAP, Microsoft SQL Server, Active Directory and Exchange.
Cloud Migration Using VMware Cloud on AWS 
Extend on-premises environments to vSphere-based public clouds, such as VMware Cloud on AWS, and enjoy a streamlined hybrid cloud experience.
Legacy to Virtual Linux Migration 
Move a running VM from one server to another without downtime, gain rollback and recovery capabilities, for patching and updating.
Data Center Consolidation and Business Continuity 
Simplify data center operations and management at scale, increase business efficiency, and decrease CapEx and OpEx through virtualization.


Remote Office and Branch Offices (ROBO)
Manage your remote and branch offices with little or no local IT staff. Enable rapid provisioning of servers, minimization of host configuration drift, and visibility into regulatory compliance across multiple sites.
Big Data and Modern Data Applications
Simplify your big data infrastructure management while making it more cost effective. Minimize downtime with uniform, cost-effective failover protection; easily organize, prioritize, and share data center resources for intelligent decision making.
High Performance Computing (HPC)
Get insights faster with infrastructure on demand, centralized management, data governance and control of sensitive data. The scale out edition of vSphere is custom-built with high performance computing workloads in mind.


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