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Information Technology Company Based in Dubai, UAE

Oasis IT
Services and Solutions


Consulting Services

Oasis Star provides consultation all kind of IT companies. We work with clients on strategy, planning and problem solving, and help clients develop business skills and knowledge.

Support Services

This department has been able to turn into one of active after sales service centers of the country with help of its expert and experienced staffs. The Motto of the “effective services during and after sale, is one of the ways for promote sale” slogan in the main goal of this section, which leads to customer reliance and continued purchasing in this regard, the following methods are used to create the necessary premises for providing reliable services:

- Periodic service
- Holding training courses for customers
- Sending parts and supplies as needed
- Collecting and monitoring comments, suggestions and critics
- Phone answering to questions and solving probable customers’ complaints
- Dispatching experts to customer site for resolving possible bugs


Oasis Star has clients from different industries. Whether you do business in heavy industry like Engineering, Manufacturing or Construction or in service industries like Education, Banking or Entertainment, we provide services and products tailored for you.

If you want to trade with us, we kindly ask you to use the form below, here you will be able to enter the information of the products you are interested in and we will send you our quotation as soon as possible.


With the growing of IT industry and massive amount of information, on the other hand, safeguarding information security and providing comprehensive and high quality services have led the organizations to move towards setting up data centers Data centers by providing secure, fast and high quality platform are rendering services and network based services. In terms of quality, efficiency and reliability, data centers are divided into four standard categories which organizations can set it up according to their needs Oasis Star Company relying on the specialist forces and Indigenous Knowledge has been able to provide different services such as consultation, designing, supply of equipment, performance and implementation.
Network Virtualization
Storage Networking
Datacenter Switching
Unified Computing


Considering the growing expansion of global trade and the necessity of creating a stable relationship with the chain of partners, Suppliers, Investors and customers as well as intra-organizational communication and costly traditional communication methods Having a solution that can meet the needs of the organization comprehensively.

Oasis Star company will expand your business by providing video and audio solutions and relying on the power of communication through video and audio beyond traditional communication paths.

So anyone can: Includes advanced, integrated and targeted messaging through email, web and mobile users by placing all audio messages, Fax and email in one place record video Using any device, Converts content to different forms to be visible on any device and Share content across the organization.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is generally presented to users as a set of hardware and software resources under the network, frequently the internet and is classified in three groups:

Cloud computing services:

- Software as a Service (SaaS)
- Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
- Platform as a Service (PaaS)

The advantage of Cloud computing:

- Reduce the cost of data centers implementing and maintaining, by focusing on IT required services - Increase productivity by using new IT resources with only basic settings - Costs, proportional to the amount of resources used by data centers and servers - Facilitate the estimation of the required capacity for services

Oasisit Star co., with its experienced and effective experts and relying on the successful experience of implementing cloud computing projects in large organizations and at various levels, is ready to provide the best solutions in this area.


Considering the trend in the “IT” world and development of the networks and importance of data, the need for care as the most valuable asset of organization in inevitable logical solutions to centralize cyber defense processes to prevention, detection, protection and response to risks, threats and events, can be the best option for managers in an organization:

- Vulnerability and Risk Assessment
- Forensics and damage assessment
- Event & Incident Management
- Business Continuity Plan
- Confguration Management
- Compliance Monitoring
- Incident Response

Oasisit Star security service center SOC

Department of information security center in Oasis Star company, based on years of valuable experience and ability of its business partners, is ready to provide consulting services in the following area:

- Visit the customer site and check the network equipments
- Calculate the amount of “EPS” for each of network equipments
- Physical design for security operation center
- Implementation of the design and training of system administrators


Nowadays, one of the challenges of big organizations is network failures, hardware and software problems, incomplete data and organization files, data backup problems and so on, that can lead to a complete suspension of the organization’s activities.Although, those problems may occur for a short time but the results will be detrimental and costly for organization Oasis Star virtual solutions provide customers with ability that, in addition to ensuring a secure virtual environment experience the pleasure of reducing the physical resources of network and integrated management .Successful account and satisfied customers show the company’s high power in implementing security and virtual solutions tailored to customer’s needs.

VMware products are designed and supplied to cover four requirements :

- Testing and Development Environment
- Server consolidation & containment and cost reduction
- Desktop Management
- Business continuity

Virtualization levels:

- Server Virtualization level
- Desktop Virtualization level
- Application Virtualization level

Virtualization Services:

- Network
- Server
- Desktop (VDI)
- Storage
- Application
- OS & Cloud


Amazon AWS


Offline Support